21st century technology for 21st century medicine

In personalized medicine, the patient is the process is the product.(TM)

Backed by GE Ventures, Mayo Clinic Ventures, and DFJ, the Vineti team brings together a hybrid of experts in user-centric, regulated industry software and analytics development, as well as commercial therapeutics development and manufacturing.

Uniting all of us is a belief that we are transitioning from one-size-fits-all medicine to individualized therapies as the standard of care. To achieve the full potential of this vision, Vineti is working to build technologies that support therapeutic development and delivery and keep pace with the leading therapeutic science.  Together with our leading pharmaceutical partners, we are doing just that with our independent Vineti solution.

What is the thinking behind our name? Vineti is an ancient term of wisdom that invokes the idea of progress by removing obstacles and guiding towards a goal.