Vineti’s Alliance Network: integrating the advanced therapy ecosystem

In the complex, interdependent supply chain of cell therapy, gene therapy, and cancer vaccine delivery, collaboration is essential.

Vineti’s Alliance Network integrates all facets of the personalized therapeutics industry. Our Alliance Network is always growing to keep pace with the advanced therapies sector. Some of our current members include:

  • Contract research organizations (CROs)
  • Specialty couriers and shippers
  • Implementation consultancies
  • System aggregators
  • Contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs)
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Healthcare provider sites
  • Software organizations

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Why alliances matter

Vineti’s mission is to make patient access to breakthrough cell and gene therapies safe, possible, and scalable. A successful patient journey relies on a complex, interdependent ecosystem of production and delivery, which is orchestrated through Vineti’s cloud-based, validated Personalized Therapy Management (PTM®) platform. When the members of the supply chain – from clinic to manufacturer to courier – are already on board with PTM®, the entire ecosystem works together seamlessly.

Leveraging our network of trusted partners allows biopharmaceutical companies to achieve several key outcomes:

  1. Time savings

    It takes time to train supply chain stakeholders on new protocols, regulations, and procedures. Our Alliance Network members are already experienced in working together using our cloud-based PTM® platform.

  2. Improved compliance

    Multiple standards come into play in the complex personalized therapy supply chain, including GMP, GDPR, HIPAA, and many more. Our Alliance Network members have proven track records in successfully navigating these systems.

  3. Improved healthcare provider experience

    By providing seamless experiences, our Alliance Network members contribute to ease of use and higher order fulfillment rates for clinicians.

  4. Increased patient safety

    The dependence on multiple participants in the supply chain brings higher odds for risks that threaten patient safety. The Alliance Network provides an established, connected system to minimize these risks.

  5. Reduced costs

    Having a partnership among all members of the supply chain ecosystem allows companies to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enable consistent compliance, all of which make for improvements in the bottom line.

Join the network

Do you serve the fields of advanced therapy supply chain, workflow management, or data management? If you are interested in joining our Alliance Network, we’d love to hear from you.

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