Led with deep experience opening new therapeutic markets, developed by Silicon Valley software innovators

The challenges inherent to developing and delivering these breakthrough therapies require a new, dynamic approach to data management and collaboration. To make it all possible, software providers need to understand this industry deeply.

Vineti’s solutions are therefore founded and continuously evolved by those with expertise from backgrounds in:

  • Personalized medicine
  • Healthcare systems
  • Cloud-based software
  • Supply chain
  • Design

We bring leadership experience from diverse companies. Vineti creates solutions that address the challenges inherent in leading software for the personalized healthcare market.

Speaking requests

Vineti leadership presents at conferences, events, and internal meetings all over the globe. In our educational, collaborative style, we provide industry insights, moderate open discussions, and drive stakeholder alignment.


  • Lessons learned launching early era regenerative medicines
    for today's therapies
  • Standards setting for operational efficiency
  • Tips on preparing the supply chain for commercial launch
  • Data protection in connected software
  • Future tech opportunities, including AI, blockchain, and more

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