Cell therapy software expertise

Led with deep experience in personalized therapeutics, developed by enterprise technology innovators

Vineti combines deep experience in opening new therapeutic markets with leading enterprise software expertise to create the hybrid viewpoint that advanced therapies need. The challenges inherent to these breakthrough therapies require true cell therapy software knowledge to drive data management and collaboration. To make it all possible, solution providers need to understand this industry deeply. With many decades of collective experience in cell and gene therapies, the Vineti team embraces this challenge every day.

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Supply chain software expertise

Vineti’s solutions are created and continuously evolved by a hybrid team with expertise in:

  1. Cell and gene therapy development and approvals
  2. Personalized medicine
  3. Supply chain management
  4. Biopharmaceutical manufacturing and commercialization
  5. Compliance and security
  6. Healthcare systems
  7. User experience and design
  8. Enterprise cloud software and systems

Leadership experience drawn from diverse companies

Our collective experience gives us unique, well-rounded approach to cell and gene therapy software.

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