Our Leadership

Vineti’s mission

We are passionately committed to the success of breakthrough cell and gene therapies for the potential to radically shape the lives of millions of patients. Our customers are the heroic providers of these revolutionary new treatments, addressing hundreds of different conditions.

We believe the promise of cell and gene therapies is here, right now, and nobody is better positioned than Vineti to help forge the right path to get amazing science through the clinic, over the finish line and accelerate access to patients in need.

We understand that medicine’s most complex supply chain requires a state-of-the-art modern software solution to quickly, safely, securely, and seamlessly move these amazing medicines forward. We owe it to all of our customers, and in turn the patients they serve, to deliver unparalleled tools to make this possible.


Leadership team

Vineti’s hybrid leadership is comprised of long-standing experts in regenerative medicine and cloud-based software. Together, this team is dedicated to creating the absolute best-in-class solutions in the service of advanced therapies and all patients in need.

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Board of Directors

Vineti is honored to have the support and guidance of long-time healthcare and technology leaders who share a deep commitment to bringing advanced therapies into mainstream medicine.

Orchestrating our ecosystem

avobis bio

Kite Pharma and Vineti enter strategic partnership to develop best-in-class logistics and data analytics software for engineered T-cell therapies at commercial scale

Vineti partners with World Courier to provide a state-of-the-art supply chain solution for global cell and gene therapy ecosystem

Deloitte and Vineti will team up on an end-to-end solution to support personalized medicine

Vineti and Quick Specialized Healthcare Logistics partner to share industry expertise that helps strengthen cell and gene therapy supply chains

Vineti™ to partner with Tessa Therapeutics™ to advance and scale cancer immunotherapies world-wide

Adaptimmune Starts SPEARHEAD-1 Trial with ADP-A2M4 SPEAR T-cells for patients with Synovial Sarcoma or MRCLS (announcement includes work with Vineti)

Lonza partners with Vineti across its cell and gene therapy manufacturing network to optimize ‘vein-to-vein’ delivery service

Vineti and Cryoport Collaborate to Bring Integrated Solutions to the Global Regenerative Therapy Market

Vineti and WuXi AppTec Advanced Therapies Collaborate to Simplify Manufacturing Supply Chain for Advanced Therapies

Vineti Completes $35 Million in Series C Financing to Industrialize Personalized and High-Value Therapeutics

Together, Cardinal Health and Vineti offer integrated, innovative solutions for advanced therapies, helping pharma companies realize faster speed to market, reduced risk, and a more consistent customer experience.

Mavens’ Cell & Gene Navigator, built on Salesforce Health Cloud, supports cutting-edge concierge services that power patient services hubs for specialty pharma and rare disease, and will seamlessly integrate with Vineti’s personalized therapy management solution.

Integrated Commercial Services and Personalized Therapy Management system to seamlessly track product and patient journey

Avobis Bio and Vineti announce strategic collaboration to support new implantable cell therapies addressing debilitating conditions

Integrated Custom-Curated IO Clinical Trial Services and Personalized Therapy Management systems to seamlessly manage advanced therapy clinical journeys for cancer patients

Vineti and Marker Therapeutics announce strategic partnership to support diverse cell therapy portfolio