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From clinical-phase to commercially-approved advanced therapies

Vineti is the provider of the leading clinical-to-commercial platform for cell and gene therapy supply chain management. No matter your role in the cell and gene therapy ecosystem, or whether you work in autologous cell therapy or allogeneic cell therapy, Vineti proven has cell therapy supply chain software solutions to meet your complex needs.

Autologous and allogeneic cell therapies bring great promise to patients, and a high level of complexity. Whether you are working in early clinical-phase research or are gearing up to scale commercially, you need a single solution to seamlessly control all aspects of your advanced therapy supply chain. Vineti’s PTM® platform provides a scalable, configurable point of control.

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Solving your cell and gene therapy (CGT) challenges 

All of the teams  involved in the personalized therapy sector face complex processes that require high levels of flexibility, transparency, and reporting. Vineti’s PTM® platform is the essential solution to drive and scale advanced therapies. With PTM®, you will: 

  • Track and trace your patient and product journeys end to end, with unprecedented visibility, flexibility, and control
  • Automate Chain of Identity, Chain of Custody, and Chain of Condition
  • Enable sophisticated and flexible scheduling 
  • Drive more efficient manufacturing 
  • Ensure conformance with all regulations and standards
  • Focus on keeping the patient at the center of all your processes

Personalized therapy supply chain professionals face unique challenges that come with a distributed, complex ecosystem and multiple stakeholders. The PTM® platform equips supply chain managers with an effective orchestration solution.

Key features include:

  • Orchestration of the entire supply chain from order to treatment, with a single source of real-time transparency and visibility.
  • Complete monitoring of vein-to-vein cycle time, on-time deliveries, booked orders, and manufacturing lots released.

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Manufacturing teams transform the most fragile of raw materials — living cells — into powerful, personalized therapeutics. Small batch sizes and the need for precision amid a complex and unpredictable process make this a highly complex undertaking. The PTM® platform offers manufacturing managers the tools for smoother manufacturing runs.

Key features include:

  • Real-time, multi-party capacity management that enables more efficient planning, product journey management, and manufacturing.
  • Automated, industry-leading Chain of Identity and Chain of Custody.

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Any clinical study is a vast undertaking, but cell and gene therapy trials face additional obstacles, such as patient-specific supply chains and larger volumes of regulatory and compliance data. The PTM Essentials™  solution provides a wealth of support for CGT clinical trial teams with:

  • The tools and systems you need to keep patients moving through your trial smoothly, including automated COI and COC.
  • Automated dashboards and record-keeping to provide critical information, including real-time product status updates, trial-wide analytics, compliance data, and audit-related reports.

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CGT commercialization experts must navigate a “3D chess game,” balancing the dynamic, interconnected ecosystem of patient, product, and payor to deliver value for every stakeholder. The PTM® platform provides the tools needed for this complicated endeavor.

Key features include:

  • Simplified data collection and sharing for all stakeholders, including Customer Service, Patient Services, and external Hub partners.
  • Easy-to-use Scheduling and Collection software modules that allow customers to connect with manufacturing capacity and schedule procedures, and allow your internal teams to manage patient and product journeys smoothly.

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Quality and Compliance teams hold the key to providing safe and efficacious advanced therapies that meet regulatory requirements. However, cell and gene therapies are exceptionally complex to produce, which presents significant  challenges. The PTM® platform offers the tools that Quality and Compliance managers need to succeed.

Key features include:

  • Automated, industry-leading Chain of Identity and Chain of Custody.
  • Workflows that support your external stakeholder with GMP compliance, such as e-signatures that are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

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Healthcare providers are often involved not only in administering advanced  therapies, but also in producing them, which brings new responsibilities and regulations. The PTM® solution provides the tools to help clinical centers and hospitals to master these challenges.

Key features include:

  • Digital workflows and automated compliance that make it easy to follow collection procedures, capture necessary information, and comply with required regulations.
  • Industry-leading digital Chain of Identity and Chain of Custody to build clinician trust and provide patient safety.

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Network of partners for end-to-end cell therapy logistics management

Vineti’s Alliance Network integrates all facets of the personalized therapeutics industry. Our partners work together on the PTM® platform to streamline and simplify the delivery of life-changing advanced therapies. Our Alliance Network members include:

  1. Contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs)

  2. Contract research organizations (CROs)

  3. Specialty couriers and shippers

  4. Implementation consultancies

  5. System aggregators

  6. Equipment suppliers

  7. Healthcare provider sites

  8. Software organizations


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