Cell Therapy Scheduling Software for Hospitals and Clinicians

A cell therapy system for Healthcare Providers

Clinicians providing advanced therapies are true pioneers, administering  transformative medicine to patients. To provide this cutting edge care, you need cell therapy systems and gene therapy systems as advanced as the treatments themselves, so that patient safety is protected, patients enjoy better care, and care teams can focus more on patients and less on logistics and paperwork.

Vineti’s PTM® platform — proven with hundreds of clinicians and thousands of patient treatments — provides essential support for care coordinators, apheresis specialists, and other patient care professionals. The Vineti platform also provides cell pharmacists with cell therapy processing solutions.

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Challenges and solutions

Advanced therapies hold enormous promise for patients — and can also be extremely complex to prescribe and administer. Healthcare providers are often involved not only in administering these therapies, but also in producing them, which brings new roles, responsibilities, and regulations.

Vineti’s Personalized Therapy Management (PTM)® platform is known and trusted by clinicians in hundreds of hospitals worldwide. PTM® is an advanced therapy software solution that helps clinicians provide improved patient care and simplifies the operational, regulatory, and compliance complexities of advanced therapies.

  1. Many advanced therapy Healthcare Providers may face a myriad of different systems and workflows in their daily work.

    Solution: A single, intuitive digital system that Healthcare Providers already know and trust

  2. Placing orders for patient-specific cell and gene therapies may mean multiple phone calls and rounds of paperwork.

    Solution: Simple, intuitive therapy ordering

  3. Scheduling for critical care-related steps, such as cell collections, courier pick-ups, and infusion procedures can be scattered and complicated, with no clear way to tell where the patient’s product is or if it will arrive on schedule.

    Solution: Online scheduling and information for cell collections, courier pick-ups, and infusion dates

  4. The patient journey may frequently change, resulting in the need to reschedule procedures and steps that were already complicated to schedule the first time around.

    Solution: Easy-to-use digital rescheduling tools

  5. Cell and starting material collections are multi-step procedures that must comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and other regulations not typically encountered in hospitals.

    Solution: Step-by-step digital workflows for collecting cells and other starting material, with necessary regulations included in ways that allow you to maintain compliance without constantly rifling through the regulations

  6. Core aspects of patient safety hinge on maintaining a trackable linkage between the identity of the patient and the product (Chain of Identity), as well as a traceable understanding of where the cells or finished product are at any point in time (Chain of Custody).

    Solution: Digital Chain of Identity and Chain of Custody, including required documents and reports

  7. Starting material and final product labels are critical for patient safety and must follow required standards such as ISBT-128 or SEC. But at the same time, these critical parts of the process may not always be easy to manage (if pre-printed) or have printed on-site.

    Solution: Real-time, patient-specific label printing solutions, including the ability to print labels when you need them on your hospital’s own printers, according to required ISBT-128 and SEC standards

  8. At the point of treatment, care teams must be able to verify that the right patient is about to receive the right product.

    Solution: Workflows for final products, including receiving, handling, and essential patient and product identity verifications prior to infusion

“All I want to know is when the patient’s treatment will arrive. That’s it.”

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Mastering your cell and gene therapy procedures with PTM®

If you focus on cell collection, PTM® provides support for each patient procedure with:

  • Digital workflows and SOPs that make it easy, step by step, to follow collection procedures, capture necessary information, and comply with required regulations.
  • Flexible labeling options, including the ability to print patient-specific labels from your hospital’s own printers.
  • Simple generation of procedure-related documents and reports.
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If you manage each patient’s treatment journey, PTM® provides support from beginning to end with:

  • Simple, real-time, online collection scheduling.
  • Automated alerts on patient product status.
  • Quick digital access to patient and procedure information required for billing and reimbursement.
  • Real-time tracking and visibility.
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If you focus on cell or final drug product transport, handling, and storage, PTM® delivers the information you need with:

  • Digital tracking of cells collected during an apheresis or other collection procedure, along with related documentation.
  • Digital capture of key pieces of information such as cell count, packing and shipping information, and other patient- and process-related data points.
  • Digital Chain of Identity and Chain of Custody, so that you can always confirm that collected cells and final drug products can be matched to the right patient.
  • Flexible labeling options, including the ability to print patient-specific labels on your own hospital printer, so that you have the labels you need from collection through shipping to infusion.
Woman putting fluid in a beaker with a dropper

Simple and intuitive for Clinical Centers and Hospitals

Get a glimpse! Vineti’s Personalized Therapy Management (PTM)® platform is known and trusted by clinicians in hundreds of hospitals worldwide. The user interface is built to be simple and intuitive, allowing clinical site users to easily filter through patient lists. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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