Cell Therapy Commercialization

Supply chain software for personalized therapies

Advanced therapy Commercial teams put transformative, proven cell and gene therapies into the hands of clinicians and patients worldwide.

To do so, these experts must navigate a “3D chess game,” balancing the dynamic, interconnected ecosystem of patient, product, provider, and payor to deliver value for every stakeholder. Vineti’s validated PTM® platform , the only one of its kind proven in commercial advanced therapies, helps Commercialization  teams successfully deliver cell therapies, gene therapies, and personalized cancer vaccines.

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Challenges and solutions

Advanced therapies can be extremely difficult to operate at commercial scale. Your commercialization strategy faces multiple hurdles  and success requires precise, ongoing internal and external orchestration.

Vineti’s Personalized Therapy Management (PTM)® platform is the only independent cell therapy and gene therapy commercialization solution with a proven track record of supporting commercial cell therapies and gene therapies in the U.S. and EU. PTM® is an advanced therapy software solution that helps Commercial teams deliver top-tier customer service and patient care, optimize treatment journeys, scale to new geographies, treat more patients, and drive more revenue.

  1. Expectations are high. Clinicians and patients, excited about a cutting-edge therapeutic, expect equally advanced services and systems to simplify one of medicine’s most complex treatment journeys. Patients often have serious underlying health conditions that make precise, timely, personalized care especially important.

    Solution: Ongoing, real-time patient and product data, delivered to your teams clearly and simply, to provide proactive customer service, better patient care, and clear reimbursement insights.

  2. Healthcare Providers are overwhelmed by a myriad of different systems and operating procedures for advanced therapies, and must juggle this confusing landscape amid the many other demands they face in caring for their patients.

    Solution: Standardized systems, processes, and interfaces that healthcare providers know and trust. Vineti’s industry-leading user experience for clinicians will help your therapy and your brand stand out.

  3. Real-time data is a must. Managing the patient journey, the product journey, and the reimbursement journey requires ongoing real-time data from a distributed, disparate ecosystem that traditional biopharma tools and systems can’t track or optimize.

    Solution: Data-driven dashboards, with views of everything from individual patient products to all of your treatments in process, that let you put your analytics to work in real time and turn your product’s supply chain into a true value chain.

  4. Every advanced therapy journey can be highly variable. Patients and products encounter real-world complications that require frequent adaptations.

    Solution: A flexible system, with the automated change management and rescheduling tools you need to respond to schedule changes and still keep patient journeys on track.

  5. In a fast-growing field, brands need to differentiate and stand out from the start.

    Solution: Configurable branding options that make your instance of the PTM® platform instantly recognizable as yours alone to internal and external stakeholders alike.

  6. Geographic growth can complicate processes. Expanding to new regions introduces new languages and challenges for logistics and service requirements.

    Solution: Scalable to new geographic locations. The cloud-based platform easily supports scaling to new locations, with regional languages, regulations, and standards already baked into PTM®’s core infrastructure.

  7. The path from clinical research to commercialization is not always smooth. Commercial teams may inherit systems and processes built for clinical trials, not necessarily for commercial growth.

    Solution: A smooth transition from clinical to commercial operations. PTM® was designed to scale from clinical to commercial use without disruptions or the need to switch systems.

“You have to start thinking about this early. Once you’ve moved into a pivotal trial for a cell or gene therapy, you are basically entering a dress rehearsal for Commercial. You’ll need to explain what supply chain and data management system you’ll use in Commercial when you file for approval. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is waiting too long to get these systems set up for Commercial.”

Chief Commercial Officer, mid-sized advanced therapy manufacturer

Master your cell and gene therapy commercialization with PTM®

If you focus on cell therapy or gene therapy Commercial Operations, PTM® provides end-to-end control with:

  • Real-time data you need to make decisions now and optimize in the future, including product status, patient data, logistics documents and related data, and other real-time information required for the order-to-cash processes
  • An easier path to regional and global expansion, with regional languages, standards, and regulations already built into the platform
  • Simplified data collection and sharing for all stakeholders, including Customer Service, Patient Services, and external Hub partners
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If you focus on Customer Service for advanced therapy clinicians, PTM® helps keep everything moving smoothly with:

  • Comprehensive dashboard functionality to allow a complete view of operations
  • The data and systems you need to provide “white glove” service, including flexible features to respond to changing schedules and product tracking to provide status updates and troubleshoot issues quickly
  • GMP compliance made simple for your customers via the user-friendly, cloud-based PTM® platform
  • Easy-to-use Scheduling and Collection software modules that allow your customers to connect with your manufacturing capacity and schedule procedures that work for their team — and for yours
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If you focus manage third-party Hub Services — or work for a Hub Service provider — PTM® helps keep the focus on patient service with:

  • Real-time dashboards that reveal and help solve issues for Healthcare Providers and patients
  • Data collection required for order-to-cash triggers, such as delivery milestones with Chain of Identity and Chain of Custody digitally documented
  • Simplified data capture and collection across the entire value chain, for all stakeholders
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Clincal to commercialization

Get a glimpse! Vineti’s Personalized Therapy Management (PTM) platform scales with you as you move from clinical to commercial, supporting increased workflow complexity as needed. PTM Enterprise™, Vineti’s core product is a proven, full end-to-end solution for scaling advanced therapies, with a broad range of optionality and configurability to support all aspects of commercialization. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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