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Supply chain software for personalized therapies

Cell therapy logistics allow transformative therapies to reach patients, and also represent some of the biopharmaceutical world’s biggest operational challenges. Built around real people — patients and donors — the supply chain is inherently complex, and must support small-batch production at ever-growing scale. Individualized Chain of Identity (COI) and Chain of Custody (COC) are required for safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance, and given the large number of stakeholders involved in each product journey, can be extremely difficult to track using manual processes or legacy systems.

Vineti’s PTM® platform, the only digital supply chain management system of its kind to support both clinical-phase and commercial-approved advanced therapies, provides end-to-end supply chain visibility, control, and analytics for autologous and allogeneic therapeutics alike.

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Challenges and solutions

Advanced therapies have forced a paradigm shift in medical supply chain management. Instead of coordinating several components for large batches of one-size-fits all medicines, supply chain professionals must now manage personalized components for very small batches — sometimes as small as one per patient — at growing volumes.

Vineti’s Personalized Therapy Management (PTM)® platform has already orchestrated thousands of patient and product journeys worldwide. PTM® allows you to manage supply chain complexity and variability while keeping every product journey on time and on budget.

  1. Distributed, complex supply chains built around patients and donors can be extremely difficult to view, track, and manage.

    Solution: Orchestration of the entire supply chain — , including logistics –,  from order to treatment, with a single source of real-time transparency and visibility

  2. COI/COC cannot be managed safely or efficiently via manual or legacy systems for more than a handful of patients and/or donors.

    Solution: Support for critical patient safety components with automated COI/COC

  3. Starting material collections must be aligned with manufacturing capacity so that precious cellular material is not lost and manufacturing slots don’t sit idle.

    Solution: “Smart scheduling” to optimize manufacturing slots and shipping from clinical sites, labs, manufacturing facilities, and storage centers worldwide, allowing a higher volume of order fulfillment

  4. Courier and shipping processes must be monitored as part of the overall supply chain process.

    Solution: Automated courier shipment management with real-time status updates

  5. In-process drug labels are essential for safety and efficiency — and when they need to be created and managed per patient, with data added at key steps, each label can introduce sizable complexity of its own.

    Solution: Flexible label printing options – pre-print and mail, or print on demand to any printer

  6. In collecting cellular starting material, GMP processes extend outside of the amanufacturing facility, and making Healthcare Providers an integral part of the supply chain and manufacturing processes.

    Solution: Simple tools and interfaces for Healthcare Providers to easily manage complex ordering and scheduling

  7. Dozens — or even hundreds — of stakeholder handoffs must be enabled, tracked, and documented for every patient product.

    Solution: Efficient stakeholder handoffs:, enabled, tracked, and documented

  8. Each product journey is likely to be highly variable, with schedule changes and unexpected events that disrupt supply chain flow.

    Solution: Rescheduling tools to view and mitigate supply chain events in real time

  9. Stakeholders want visibility, information, and alerts — but each stakeholder often has strong preferences on how they want to be informed.

    Solution: Configurable proactive event-based email notifications

  10. Critical vein-to-vein manufacturing cycle time must be monitored during the process and assessed on an ongoing basis to drive improvements and more informed decision making.

    Solution: Monitoring of  vein-to-vein cycle time, on-time deliveries, booked orders, and manufacturing mfg lots released, make end-to-end data actionable to drive decision making

  11. The distributed nature of the cell and gene therapy ecosystem can leave operations teams with a myriad of stakeholders, data sets, and systems to monitor and merge.

    Solution: Ecosystem integrations, with connected data flows

“The first problem to solve is Chain of Identity and Chain of Custody, but you have to have a parallel objective — make the product journey and the patient journey as efficient as possible.”

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Mastering your cell and gene therapy supply chain with PTM®

If you focus on end-to-end supply chain orchestration, PTM® provides support for every step with:

  • Tracking of your entire product line, from a total overview to individual product journeys, from order to infusion, in a single view.
  • Real-time, flexible rescheduling and change management.
  • Ongoing tracking and assessment of resource utilization, points of failure, and bottlenecks.
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If you focus on shipping, courier logistics, and material handling, PTM® helps you manage both internal and external stakeholders with:

  • Automated courier shipment management (create, update, cancel) via API.
  • Real-time status updates from couriers.
  • Configuration of each logistic leg to assign courier, event trigger, target duration, shipment type, address, and other contact information.
  • Recording Chain of Condition, Proof of Delivery, and other critical documented steps.
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If you help solve customer problems related to personalized supply chains, PTM® can help, with:

  • Dashboards to view and track starting material and product status.
  • Resolution of scheduling conflicts and flexible rescheduling of procedures when needed.
  • Critical patient and product information available anytime, anywhere, in a single system.

Learn more about how Vineti’s PTM® supports Quality teams at every step in the cell and gene therapy production process

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“Smart scheduling” for your Supply Chain

Get a glimpse! Vineti’s “smart scheduling” allows users to schedule against capacity constraints in the supply chain. Manufacturing slot availability is set in our capacity planner and reflects real time availability in the scheduler based on manufacturing and shipping lead times. This allows customers to easily specify pick up and drop of details for each site and track orders via the Order Status Tracker where customers can view details around automated courier pick ups and projected timelines. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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