Platform Overview

What is the Vineti Personalized Therapy Management® (PTM) cell therapy platform?

Scientific breakthroughs create transformative cell and gene therapies — but science alone cannot put these therapeutics within the reach of clinicians and patients. These breakthrough treatments require innovation at every level, including the underlying digital technology that drives production, patient safety, delivery, and reimbursement.

Vineti’s PTM® platform delivers that critical technology innovation, so that cell and gene therapies can reach all patients in need. Here’s how PTM® makes it all possible.

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PTM® delivers a modern digital supply chain orchestration platform

Advanced therapies require a true standardized platform, not patchwork customized solutions. The PTM® enterprise-based approach delivers simplicity and scale, so that cell and gene therapies reach the right patient with the right product, on time and on track.

  1. Proven patient safety and compliance

    Thousands of commercial cell therapy treatments have already been successfully managed via Vineti’s supply chain management platform. CGT’s myriad regulations and compliance requirements, which can overwhelm bespoke or generic solutions, are already baked into PTM®. State-of-the art Chain of Identity (COI) and Chain of Custody (COC) tracking and traceability keep each patient journey moving safely and efficiently.

  2. Simpler scale

    The Vineti platform is already used in hundreds of leading clinical sites to manage advanced therapy patient processes in a safe, compliant, user-friendly manner. The PTM® platform supports autologous and allogeneic products from early-phase clinical to commercial, as well as personalized cancer vaccines, in the U.S., E.U., and Asia-Pacific. The platform stays up to date as the advanced therapies sector grows and changes.

  3. Security and speed via a proven, purpose-built solution

    PTM®’s enterprise-grade platform leverages best-in-class tools and technologies to deliver security and peace of mind for advanced therapies. The PTM® purpose-built foundation covers core CGT requirements right from the start. Because PTM® operates in the cloud, updates are simpler. And PTM® delivers the data integrity and insights needed for both regulatory reviews and smarter operations.

  4. Reduced risk and guesswork with built-in standards

    Insights from 100+ years of team CGT experience and a team of industry experts who’ve managed more than 125,000 doses of cell therapy are baked into PTM®. Our team provides standards leadership for our industry.

  5. Simple, with industry-leading user experience

    Vineti’s platform has more than 1,000 users worldwide and growing, and their insights help keep us ahead of industry needs. Our leading user experience provides a platform that solves workflow complexity, so that CGT stakeholders can simply log into PTM® and get to work on behalf of patients.

  6. True enterprise-grade technology

    PTM® is a common cloud-based digital platform with configurable workflows. Configuration tools offer our customers and partners the ability to build the unique facets of the support their workflows require in a consistent and singular platform, without creating customized code lines that are quickly obsolete. 

PTM® platform modules

  1. Order Available to Promise

    Manage scheduling in real time for time-critical patient procedures based on resource availability

  2. Logistics

    Automated complex courier/3PL logistics for custom business processes

  3. Labeling

     Print on demand to any printer, or print-and-ship

  4. Tracking and Analytics

    Real-time order status tracking and aggregate self-service supply chain analytics

  5. Ordering and Patient Management

    A branded user experience for ordering commercial and clinical therapies inside the clinic that ensures patient data and privacy rights are protected

  6. Collection and Infusion

    Paperless cell collection and final product processing at clinical sites supporting GMP and clinical phase SOPs

  7. Manufacturing

    Traceability and control of product within manufacturing

  8. Quality Assurance

    Permanent and transparent association of a therapy to the complete record of all activities involved from end to end

  9. Auditing

    Ad-hoc, out-of-the-box, and custom reporting on complete historical audit trail, with or without PHI

  10. Application Engine and Workflow

    Shared platform functionality that powers and scales all application experiences

  11. Master Data, Configuration, and Deployment

    Set up, manage, and control access to the Vineti system

  12. Data and Integrations

    Robust and flexible integration platform provides plug-and-play flexibility to connect mission-critical players in the cell and gene therapy ecosystem

“Cell and gene therapies are still evolving, and require an intelligent platform that can keep pace. Custom solutions are “one and done.” Our enterprise platform is always getting smarter and more sophisticated as our sector grows.”

Phil Calvin, Chief Technology Officer at Vineti

Integration, Implementation, and Support

In the multi-stakeholder world of cell and gene therapies, every connection counts. PTM® both delivers and depends on connectivity, by providing essential integrations, a dedicated Implementation team, and top-tier Technical Support.

Through an ever-growing group of alliances and integrations, the Vineti Alliance Network makes it easy for biotechnology companies to identify, source, and connect to a wide range of services and technologies committed to integrating with Vineti’s Personalized Therapy Management (PTM®) platform. Vineti’s PTM® patient-centric, API- based Integration Suite seamlessly connects the CGT’s value chain for right-first-time patient and product journeys. Our network includes leading contract manufacturers, cold chain logistics providers, specialty couriers, hub services, and other essential services and technologies in the personalized therapy ecosystem, and is always expanding in pace with the advanced therapy sector. Learn more.

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From initial scoping to configuration and system “go-live,” Vineti’s Customer Success team works non-stop to deliver the systems and tools our customers require. Learn more about our industry-leading approach.

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Life-saving therapies can’t wait for “business hours,” which is why the Vineti Technical Support team is strategically located and staffed to provide global, industry-leading support, 24×7. Vineti Technical Support delivers thorough, efficient, low-effort, enterprise-level support for every customer, every time. Learn more

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Why PTM® ?

If you are creating therapeutic innovations, your science is your focus — and enterprise technology is ours. PTM® provides the critical software system that advanced therapies need. Rather than being a one-time custom software development project, PTM® is a purpose-built enterprise service providing a common technological foundation that meets individual customer needs through configuration, not by creating stand-alone custom solutions that are expensive to maintain and unwieldy to update. We’re always increasing the value of our platform for our clients, both through adding more features and continuously gaining knowledge as a platform. PTM just continues to grow, so that you can focus on your therapy and stay at the forefront of advanced therapy enterprise technology.

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From Clinical to Commercial

Vineti’s platform is the only independent technology solution serving both clinical-phase and commercial cell and gene therapies, on behalf of dozens of biopharmaceutical partners. Thousands of patient-specific advanced therapy treatments have been managed safely and effectively with Vineti technology.

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