February 3, 2021

A fresh start for advanced therapy clinical trials

A look at 2020 and the coming rebound, by the numbers

Even before the unpredictable year that was 2020, one group of biopharmaceutical experts already knew how to persevere through volatility — the professionals who work in advanced therapy clinical trials.

There are few fields in biomedical science more exciting, more changeable, or more challenging. The science evolves every month. Each patient is often receiving some form of matched or personalized therapeutic, which is far easier to say than it is to provide. And the underlying supply chains are some of the most complex in the history of medicine, requiring both exacting precision and by-the-moment flexibility.

The past year and the COVID-19 pandemic brought a whole new set of challenges for advanced therapy R&D, including reduced trial capacity at some hospitals, fewer patients able to participate in research, and, in some cases, a reduced R&D pace. At Vineti, we’re both fortunate and humbled to be the only digital supply chain solution provider supporting both clinical- and commercial-phase advanced therapies, and we know first-hand just what it takes to keep any cell and gene therapy clinical trial moving, especially amid COVID-19.

But important progress has persevered, and it’s regaining momentum. Here are some of the numbers that mattered most for advanced therapy clinical trials in 2020 — and promising signs that point to a coming rebound.

Here at Vineti, we’re proud to be part of a resilient advanced therapy sector that has kept progressing amid the challenges of COVID-19. And we’re keeping pace, with proven operational solutions and expertise that accelerate advanced therapy clinical trials.
Want to learn more? See the FDA’s 2020 guidance for CMC in gene therapy Investigational New Drug Applications. And please connect with us with questions about your advanced therapy clinical trials.

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