April 22, 2021

Advanced Therapies Guide – seven key challenges and proven solutions – in advanced therapy clinical trials

Advanced therapies emerge from advanced science — and must overcome the operational complexity inherent in their patient-centric paradigm when they enter clinical trials. These challenges emerge as soon as cell and gene therapy clinical trials prepare to enroll their first patients.  In preparation read through our guide for proven solutions to these challenges.

As the creator of the leading digital platform for orchestrating cell and gene therapies, Vineti well-versed in the operational hurdles faced by advanced therapy clinical trial teams. Our latest Advanced Therapy Guide provides an overview of common operational challenges – and proven solutions – in cell and gene therapy clinical trials.

Common challenges:

  • Patient safety
  • Complex ecosystem
  • Evolving landscape
  • Compliance and security
  • Accelerating development
  • Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC)
  • Maximizing budget

And proven solutions outlined in our comprehensive Advanced Therapy Guide.

Along with this new Advanced Therapy Guide, Vineti is getting ready to offer a new technology solution to accelerate your advanced therapy clinical trials. Get a first look at our new digital solution for clinical phase supply chain safety, simplicity, and compliance. This new offering from Vineti is based on our industry-leading PTM® software platform, to help reach more patients, faster.

Advanced therapies hold great potential, and it’s still early days. In our next Five-minute Guide, we’ll look at emerging solutions that solve these challenges and accelerate and simplify advanced therapies.