May 28, 2020

Cell and gene therapy — a dose of good news

Cancer, serious genetic disorders, and other pressing health conditions never stop. Neither does cell and gene therapy. And that’s great news!

Like all of us, Vineti keeps a daily watch on all things COVID-19, extending our hearts and support to those who are ill or in need. And we also keep on tracking the news in cell and gene therapy, because the need for advanced therapy innovations is stronger than ever. 

There’s so much progress that deserves a moment in the spotlight. Here are just some of the recent headlines.

And here are three promising research updates:

  • Adaptimmune presented data showing that its unique T-cells, made from donor stem cells, kill cancer targets.
  • Johnson and Johnson’s CAR-T cell therapy banished tumors from 86% of multiple myeloma patients, according to highlights from data to be presented at ASCO 2020.
  • Also to be presented at ASCO 2020 — Allogene will share early data indicating that its “off the shelf” donor CAR-T cells may have some efficacy against lymphoma.

If you’d got some good news to share in advanced therapies, please let us know. Vineti’s work continues amid COVID-19, and we hope you all stay safe and healthy as we work together to find new paths forward. Thank you!

Amy DuRoss is the CEO and a Co-founder of Vineti. If we can help you with your advanced therapy questions in this uncertain time, please contact us. You may also want to take a look at our Cell and Gene Therapies COVID-19 Briefing