May 31, 2019

Cell therapy and gene therapy versus cancer: 10 numbers to watch

ASCO 2019 is here! In 2018, ASCO named CAR-T cell therapy the cancer Advance of the Year, and this year’s ASCO brings more cell and gene therapy progress in oncology. Here are 10 important cell and gene therapy numbers we’re tracking in the fight against cancer.

T cells
  1. Number of years that Emily Whitehead, the first pediatric patient to receive CAR-T cell therapy in a clinical trial, has been cancer-free: 7
  2. Number of ASCO abstracts focused on CARs, or Chimeric Antigen Receptors, the receptors on the surface of immune cells that are essential to CAR-T cell therapies: at least 84*
  3. Number of ASCO abstracts focused on Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs), a type of immune cell that attacks tumors: at least 90*
  4. Number of regenerative medicine clinical trials underway worldwide: 1,060
  5. Percentage of those trials focused on oncology: 58%
  6. Number of patients treated with Yescarta (axicabtagene ciloleucel), the first CAR-T therapy for adults living with certain types of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, offering a chance for complete remission: 1,500+ (Yescarta is a therapy from Kite, a Gilead Company, with new data at ASCO.)
  7. Number of oncology advanced therapies that have received expedited approval designations in the U.S., EU, or Japan: 21
  8. Number of new cell and gene therapy INDs (Investigational New Drug applications) the FDA expects to receive per year beginning in 2020: 200+
  9. Number of new cell and gene therapies the FDA expects to approve each year beginning in 2025: 10 to 20
  10. Number of leading medical centers world-wide where the Vineti software platform is deployed, on behalf of thousands of cell and gene therapy patients and multiple biopharmaceutical partners: almost 200 and growing

There’s lots of other news being shared at ASCO, including highlights on longer-term patient benefits from CAR-T therapy and these five big ideas. Here’s to a great weekend of learning and cancer-crushing in Chicago!

At Vineti, our software platform supports personalized cell therapy treatments for cancer patients every day. We help make cell and gene therapies simpler and safer for clinicians and patients, and we are working to industrialize and scale personalized therapies. If you’d like to see our solution in action, please contact us to learn more or schedule a demo.

*Given all the abstracts being presented at ASCO, we’ve done our best to tally things of interest, but can’t guarantee we caught them all.