March 2, 2020

Continuing operations safely during coronavirus

At our core, Vineti is a technology company focused on health, well-being, and patient safety. Our software platform manages critical CAR-T cell therapies and other personalized therapeutics on behalf of patients daily. 

That mission-critical work — with its ever-present focus on health and safety — is at the foundation of who we are. Now, amid the new uncertainties brought by coronavirus, we need to combine our support for advanced therapies with the need to bolster public health. Here are some highlights of our approach.

  • Proactive preparations: as a mission-critical enabling technology provider for advanced therapies that manages patient products daily, Vineti has a thorough plan in place to continue our operations and software development should any wider disruptions arise due to coronavirus. 
  • Continued operations: Vineti’s teams — in San Francisco, Bethesda, and Armenia– will continue to operate, as well as provide 24/7 worldwide customer support for emergency issues.
  • Preparations for remote work: in keeping with the recent CDC interim guidance that all U.S employers plan for the possibility of having to operate with a partial or total remote workforce, Vineti’s team is prepared to work remotely at a moment’s notice. Our systems are well-suited to enable continuous collaboration among a remote workforce if needed.
  • Travel: we will be limiting all travel for our team to business-critical trips only. For travel plans with our clients or partners, we will collaborate to determine the best path forward for our combined teams.
  • Other precautions: Vineti is following other CDC public health recommendations (14-day employee self-quarantine after travel to a virus “hot zone,” staying home if any symptoms of illness arise, focus on handwashing and other important hygiene practices).

We know that in uncertain times, it’s important for us to stay focused. We look forward to collaborating with our clients and partners to serve advanced therapies as we navigate current and future public health matters.

We wish you the best of health. If you have any questions, please contact us

Amy DuRoss is the CEO and a Co-founder of Vineti.