December 15, 2020

How PTM® Label Printing keeps every patient journey on track

In advanced therapies, little labels — the in-process labels on bags of cells and final drug products — can sometimes add up to big problems. Vineti’s expanded, flexible PTM® Label Printing changes that.

The manufacturing of advanced therapies, which are based on living cells from patients or donors — works best when in-process labels can be built in real-time throughout the manufacturing process, so that key patient and product information can be captured at critical steps. That patient and product information, on each and every label, is essential for patient safety.

Site-by-site flexibility

Label Printing

Administrator configuration for label printing options
Institution settings in Vineti include the ability to configure site-by-site printing options that include browser-based printing, cloud-based printing, or both. These printing configuration settings give administrators unprecedented flexibility to meet varying stakeholder needs

But the in-process nature of the label also introduces a great deal of complexity and risk of error. An advanced therapy in-process labeling system requires flexibility while maintaining rigorous compliance and quality. PTM® Label Printing from Vineti™ has now been expanded to deliver the advanced in-process and drug product labeling solution that cutting-edge therapies need.

Built on the enterprise-grade, cloud-based Personalized Therapy Management® (PTM) platform, our Label Printing solution combines the latest in digital technology with years of real-world experience in advanced therapy supply chain management to deliver unprecedented flexibility, simplicity, safety, traceability, and compliance.

This means every advanced therapy patient journey can stay on track, with flexible label printing options that work for every stakeholder — even when each part of your supply chain needs its own printing approach. Support any workflow or SOP, and simplify your supply chain orchestration. This is the industry’s most comprehensive label printing offering and provides global scale out of the box.

  • Unprecedented flexibility. The PTM® solution delivers multiple options– pre-printed labels, in-process label printing — even on a per-site basis. The system supports a wide variety of label content types and standards, including ISBT-128 and SEC. In-process change management is built in, with support for scheduling changes and exceptions. Do your different stakeholders each need a different option? No problem. You can set up multiple labeling and printing options for every drug product workflow and each partner site
  • True “plug and play” compatibility. Works with a wide range of printers — or with pre-existing printers. Use Zebra-based printers that are securely connected with Vineti via the cloud, or use a location’s existing printer via browser-based local printing.
  • Industry-leading quality, compliance, and security. This solution is PTM®-proven, delivering best-in-class digital traceability from the supply chain platform that has already managed thousands of commercial advanced therapy patient treatments. Every part of PTM® is based on real-world experience and industry best practices, with a foundation in patient safety, Chain of Identity, and Chain of Custody. Top-tier security features mean that your labeling protects patient and product data every step of the way, no matter which approach you choose.
  • Simple set-up and use. Want to use a stakeholder’s existing printers? It’s easy — with no complicated IT or requisition processes to manage. Whether via your own configured printers or an existing printer, your stakeholders — including Healthcare Providers — can just log in and print the labels they need for each patient and each therapy reliably, compliantly, and efficiently.

PTM® Labeling and Printing features
Our solution is essential for identifying, tracking, and manufacturing advanced therapies, ensuring standards, compliance, patient safety, data security, regulatory compliance, and a seamless patient journey. It solves the major obstacle that in-process labeling can present in the advanced therapy patient journey and streamlines patient treatments. Here are just a few of the key features.

  • Multiple printing capabilities — print to any printer (via cloud or browser; cables or wi-fi), or choose a pre-printed labeling option, with the flexibility to choose different options for different stakeholders
  • Any label standard or design supported, including SEC and the 2020 ISBT-128 updates. Variable mapping and label template workflow assignment —  all admin- controlled
  • Update configured labels as needed to support and manage the inherent variability in advanced therapy patient journeys — make changes to label templates and upload them in minutes with the user-friendly admin tooling
  • Quality and Compliance
  1.  Industry-leading traceability, COI/COC
  2. Printing control via central administration
  3. Built-in controls and auditability
  • QA has the tools needed to manage label versions and push out across the network, ensuring that the correct and current version is being used across the network, and control which labels are being printed at a given location
  • Built-in security best practices reduces risks for cloud printing; browser printing limits external exposure 

Vineti’s Personalized Therapy Management ® (PTM) platform

The PTM® platform is the foundation of Vineti’s Labeling and Printing solution. PTM is the essential engine for advanced therapy supply chains. This industry-leading, purpose-built cloud service is trusted by biopharma clients worldwide to industrialize and scale advanced therapies, ensuring standards, patient safety, security, compliance, and a seamless customer experience. The PTM platform replaces outdated, costly, disparate, bespoke systems with a single enterprise-grade foundation for scaling personalized therapeutics worldwide. Solving the challenges of medicine’s most complex supply chain at every stage of clinical development and beyond, PTM accelerates access to advanced therapies and helps biopharmaceutical manufacturers transform patients’ lives. 

For more information read our perspective from Vineti’s CEO Amy DuRoss where she discusses how our team is entirely focused on continuing to expand Vineti’s Personalized Therapy Management (PTM) ® platform, the leading digital solution for personalized medicine supply chains. As industry analysts have widely noted, complexity is a critical limiting factor for advanced therapies, especially in the areas of manufacturing and supply chain. We believe PTM will be crucial to help simplify and standardize how advanced therapies are delivered at scale. Learn more now!

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Stuart Altman is Vice President of Product at Vineti. You can learn more about Vineti and how our digital solution supports advanced therapy supply chains here. If you have feedback on our label printing solution, please contact us.