February 5, 2020

Our Series C and the road ahead

Today, we announced Vineti’s $35 million Series C round of investment. A first-of-its-kind investor coalition of industry leaders — Cardinal Health, Novartis Pharma AG, and Kite, a Gilead Company — came together with our current investors to support our growth. We’re honored and humbled to have such support.

And we’re also ready to work even harder because, in the grand scheme of things, advanced therapies are still just getting started. With this additional capital, Vineti is redoubling our commitment to expand our digital platform of record and industrialize cell and gene therapies and other life-changing individualized therapeutics. 

As we move forward, Vineti remains a wholly independent company that works with a wide variety of pharmaceutical customers across the industry. We support a broad range of pharma and biotech, and always respect and safeguard the confidentiality and unique needs of each partner.

Here are just a few of the things we’ll be tackling in our next phase of growth:

  • Even more capacity for our biopharmaceutical partners, worldwide. Along with Kite/Gilead, we’re honored to now have Novartis as both an investor and a Vineti customer. We work with many more small biotech and larger pharmaceutical companies than publicly announced — and we’re looking forward to supporting even more of the industry as we continue to scale globally.
  • Accelerating **all** of the development lifecycle and value chain. There’s been a lot of coverage about the accelerated approval pace in advanced therapies. But accelerated approval alone doesn’t always mean accelerated development — or, most important, accelerated access for patients. Access often remains too complex and expensive. We’ll keep working to change that: industrializing this field in order to extend access to as many patients as possible, as quickly as possible, is the primary reason we founded Vineti.
  • More integrations and interoperability. The healthcare system still struggles here. And the interwoven, multi-dimensional advanced therapy ecosystem can’t function in such silos. Personalized therapies can help persuade the rest of healthcare that it’s safe and secure to integrate. Through our platform, we’ll be enabling even more of the essential connections that biopharma needs. 
  • Help reduce COGS. How? By driving standardization and industrialization, and expanding a software platform that puts standards into practice for scale. The early, pre-CAR-T cell therapy drug products are profitable now, because they’ve solved key manufacturing and delivery challenges, and can produce personalized therapeutics in ways that are as industrialized and standardized as possible.
  • Support additional types of complex therapeutic supply chains. Cell therapies may be very complex, but other types of supply chains and workflows would also benefit from streamlining and more digital management. We’ll be investing further in the capabilities of our platform — leveraging the learnings from our first four years in operations and expanding both our expertise on the team and the underlying infrastructure, to enter a new phase of growth.

Thank you for reading as we celebrate our Series C! You can learn more about Vineti and how our software solution supports advanced therapies here.

Amy DuRoss is the CEO and a Co-founder of Vineti. Heidi Hagen is the Chief Strategy Officer of Vineti, and also a Co-founder. You can find their bios here
If you’d like to learn more about how Vineti’s Personalized Therapy Management (PTM) is helping to standardize and industrialize workflows for personalized therapies, please contact us.