August 17, 2020

Q&A: five questions for Joe DePinto

Today, Vineti is thrilled to announce that Joe DePinto has joined us as our Chief Commercial Officer. Joe is a long-time leader in cell and gene therapies, and a veteran biotech and pharma executive with more than 28 years of experience leading global operations, strategy, drug development, investor relations, and commercialization. Before joining Vineti full-time, he was most recently President of Health Specialty Solutions at Cardinal Health, leading one of the fastest growing businesses within the Fortune 14-ranked company. Here’s a look at how Joe is gearing up. 

You’ve just about seen it all in biotech, pharma, and advanced therapies. Why make Vineti your next big thing?

Vineti is in a position to be a foundational part of delivering precision medicine through its digital platform, helping manufacturers and healthcare professionals navigate the complexities of the cell and gene supply chain. Being a part of one of the most significant advances in medicine and helping to assure that we are creating a world where individualized, high-value health care reaches all, is exciting work and I look forward to taking part in this innovative time. 

What specific challenge are you excited to work on first?

Advanced therapies need advanced technology. I’m excited about working with Vineti’s technology team to deliver a best-in-class digital platform for our customers. With my background and years of experience I know I can provide significant customer and industry insights to scale Vineti’s commercial organization.

The COVID-19 pandemic poses all kinds of new challenges for advanced therapies. Where do you think our industry should focus most now as we all pull together for continued progress?

Resilient companies and industries will handle the obstacles COVID-19 presents. Agile thinking and problem-solving is more important now than ever and advanced therapies need to continue to expand clinical trial work during these challenging times. A pandemic can’t stop the advancement of science and unique, innovative clinical trial design and execution must occur. Vineti’s digital supply chain and logistics orchestration platform will help in this clinical trial setting.

You’ve spent a good part of your career working for diversity, inclusion, and access to career paths for under-represented groups in biotech and pharma leadership. How is that work changing in 2020? 

Multiple data sets have shown diverse work teams are often the highest performing work teams. Healthcare is complex, and working in such a complex environment provides a need to leverage a team’s diverse experience, background, gender, and race to overcome challenges in the industry. Through my many years of experience and continued work with HBA, I plan to be involved and continue with their mission of furthering the advancement and impact of women in the business of healthcare. This has been a personal initiative,  and I plan to continue to work closely with the leaders of various healthcare organizations and our team at Vineti to grow and empower women in healthcare. My mantra is a diverse team, working in a complex environment, can accomplish anything and be successful!

Outside of work, how do you like to spend your time?

I cherish the time my family unit gets to spend together, especially when we enjoy the outdoors. It doesn’t always happen enough, so when it does, it’s extra special for me. 

Joe DePinto is the Chief Commercial Officer at Vineti. If you’d also be interested in joining our world-class, award-winning team, please check out our career opportunities.