December 17, 2019

WoVen, a podcast from Canaan featuring Amy DuRoss

One of Vineti’s board members, Nina Kjellson, General Partner, at Canaan started a podcast called WoVen, about women who venture. We’re excited to have Amy DuRoss, Vineti’s Co-Founder and CEO, on it today. This podcast will take you through her early stages as a young woman growing up in Washinton D.C., with her parents and family being incredible influences, through her time as a venture capitalist before she co-founded Vineti.

Learn how Amy became interested in bioethics, which merges her interest in philosophy and literature, with a keen interest in patients. She had the opportunity at G.E. to delve into some of the therapeutics, a lot of the tools, a lot of the bioprocess, and sort of mechanistically, build upon all of this discovery and make it available. She intentionally split her time, keeping track of both where the therapeutics were and how best they support the therapeutics. Vineti is focused on the latter rather than the former, but as you can imagine, the two are so intricately intermixed and advancing so quickly that there is no end in sight. We’re just at the beginning! Listen to hear more from our inspiring CEO.

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