On-Demand Webinar: New Paths Forward in Support of Patients

On-Demand Webinar: keeping momentum amid COVID-19

2020 has been an unpredictable year, but cell and gene therapy innovators are ready to find new paths forward on behalf of patients amid COVID-19. Access now to learn more from industry experts!


This webinar brings together an incredible panel including Tim Moore, President and COO at PACT PharmaPeter Olagunju, Senior Vice President of Technical Operations at FergeneJohn Kontor, Senior Vice President of Provider Technology Services at Optum, as well as our CEO, Amy DuRossNina Kjellson, General Partner at Canaan, moderated the discussion.

Topics discussed include:

  • Maintaining momentum in clinical trials and commercial therapies in this unpredictable time
  • Keeping and growing connections with clinical sites
  • Managing supply chain disruption risks
  • Leveraging EMR data to match patients to cell and gene therapies
  • Utilizing remote patient monitoring and telemedicine going forward

Enjoy the recording!