Vineti overview

Vineti is the essential software solution to drive and scale personalized therapies, such as cell therapies, gene therapies, or personalized cancer vaccines. Our leading, patent-pending Personalized Therapy Management (PTM) platform delivers simplicity, compliance, and patient safety to medicine’s most complex supply chain. In this video, learn more about Vineti's software platform and how our solution solves critical challenges in personalized therapeutic workflows.

Welcome. If you're involved in personalized therapeutics, Vineti is here to help. Vineti provides the critical configurable software solution to drive, control, and scale cell and gene therapy workflows, along with other types of personalized therapeutics, like cancer vaccines.

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Many individuals must work together for each cell or gene therapy, or personalized cancer vaccine.

Some of the key stakeholders include principal investigators, physicians, case managers, logistics partners, collection staff, and manufacturing managers.

While everyone needs to collaborate, they typically use disconnected software systems. This can lead to redundant work, data errors, and problematic handoffs that compromise patient safety. Vineti solves this by providing user roles for each key individual, and then connecting that ecosystem.

The solution creates integrated, manageable, GMP compliant workflows and significantly increases safety, traceability and efficiency.

To place a new therapy order, physicians schedule patients for procedures that kick off the personalized therapy process. The case manager confirms the order and the smart scheduling process begins. This ensures that the patient, clinical sites, and logistics providers are all coordinated.

Training and using new complex system software can be a time consuming distraction for physicians and collection staff. Vineti's user interface removes the complexity of GMP compliance with a simplified guided workflow specific for each product that doesn't interfere with the clinician’s regular work. In autologous cell and gene therapies, each patient represents a batch of one. That means clinicians collecting cells and tissue must follow compliant manufacturing processes that Vineti guides users through step by step. Each step in Vineti is guided to provide simple, compliant collection, data verification, and prep to ship workflows for everyone working directly with the patients. Optimizing manufacturing efficiency and capacity also requires planning and coordination.

Manufacturing slots are reserved during the ordering process, maximizing facility utilization and providing real time visibility for scheduled orders to reach manufacturing, and then return finished therapies to patients. Specialized couriers are essential to transporting and monitoring patient material along each portion of the shipping journey. Vineti integrates leaders in specialized therapy logistics to ensure seamless timely coordination. Data Access and reporting are also critical to keeping all stakeholders aligned. Vineti provides real time order information and alerts as the therapy proceeds through each phase.

With our workflow management software, your science can move quickly out of the lab through trials. Vineti adjusts with you as your workflow scales. Vineti is essential to making it possible, and safe, for your treatment to move through clinical phases in a highly efficient, compliant manner. Reach out if you're interested in a more detailed Vineti product demo.

We look forward to speaking with you, and supporting the development of your therapeutic innovation.

Vineti demo, order status and tracking

Our platform is expanding all the time. Here's a sneak peek at some of our newest innovations in order tracking and scheduling, including rescheduling, one of the biggest challenges in advanced therapies. 

Configurable platform for order status and tracking:

  • Track key processes for your ordering, collection, manufacturing, and infusion
  • Check the progress of orders and reschedule as needed, seeing if they are complete, delayed, or on time

An overview, how PTM® Label Printing keeps every patient journey on track 

Vineti's printing and labeling solution, solving complex labeling challenges for advanced therapies. 

Vineti's new feature rich labeling and printing features:

  • Simple to use and administer
  • Flexible to support the needs of every stakeholder
  • Secure and compliant

COVID-19 Briefing for Advanced Therapies

The COVID-19 pandemic presents all of us with a dynamic, disruptive challenge unlike anything most of us have experienced in our lifetime. In our latest briefing, Heidi Hagen, Co-founder, and Advisor of Vineti and Christophe Suchet, Chief Product Officer of Vineti walk through their suggestions to help advanced therapy developers navigate this challenging time.

Part I: Quality Management Strategies Briefing for Advanced Therapies

Part I lays the foundation teams need to understand how to utilize proven QMS principles to de-risk this complex supply chain. We review QMS essentials and then dive into the six areas that benefit most from special attention in advanced therapies. By collaborating with ecosystem partners, including Vineti, you establish and utilize QMS principles to help you progress and scale.

Part II: Quality Management Strategies Briefing for Advanced Therapies

Part II starts with reviewing practical tips for de-risking the critical risks in the advanced therapy supply chain and then provide guidance to achieve Quality success for the advanced therapy supply chain. By collaborating with ecosystem partners, including Vineti, you establish and utilize QMS principles early to help you progress and scale.

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With more specialty medicines coming to market, the care coordination and financial management associated with high-value therapies is increasing in complexity. Cell and gene therapies have ushered in a new era of logistics where treatments are patient specific. At the same time, the financial management for these therapies is creating new paradigms for sites of care and biopharma sponsors. 
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On-Demand Presentation: Early-stage Strategies for Long-term Success to design and run advanced therapy clinical trials

Heidi Hagen, Vineti's Advisor and co-founder, walks you through essential clinical trial strategies, including supply chain management approaches, keeping your advanced therapy research on track. Ms. Hagen has managed or overseen the delivery of more than 100,000 doses of cell therapy. Her insights will benefit you, your team, and your trial. Access now!

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